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Would you like some cheese with that whine? Doc?

Hey there Laker fans.  We are approaching the beginning of training camp and the beginning of the season.  Im sure we are all looking forward to it.  In my effort to recharge the brain for another run at a title and another season of debating the NBA laker style I have stayed out of the mix.  But, how could I not blog about this?  Im sure by now all of you have heard what Doc Rivers had to say about the Lakers.  If you didnt, allow me to fill you in.  Mr. Rivers stated that the Lakers starting lineup is still 0-1 in the finals VS Boston because the Celtics did not have perkins in game 7.  First of all, Doc, why dont you give credit where credit is due??  Yet again Doc proves that the Celtics as an organization is completely classless and babyish.  In 2008 the lakers did not have Andrew Bynum or Trevor Ariza, yet you didnt hear anyone from the Lakers front office or any players making excuses.  I for one am not real surprised by this.  Doc has always been a whiny baby.  I have never seen a coach whine to the refs more than doc.  

Memo to Doc:  The next time you want to run your mouth and make excuses make sure that the excuse your making doesnt apply to the team your making it about.  If you want to get technical doc its 0-0 in the NBA finals in regards to starting lineups.  In 2008 we didnt have drew and in game 7 of 2010 you didnt have perk.  So why dont we just call it 1-1, you give your props and move on?  Oh thats right, because your part of the celtics organization, the one that has no class, has to whine and make excuses and the organization and fan base that feels entitled and feels cheated if they lose a game.  See you in the finals again, Boston.  Oh thats right, you wont be there because more than likely Miami will run you over.  What a joke.  Cant wait for the season to start.  It makes my hate for the celtics and Boston in general grow even more.  LAKERS IN 2011!!
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Posted on: August 10, 2010 4:01 pm
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The 5 Most Important Laker Regular Season Games..

Hello friends.  Long time without a blog entry here, just not much going on right now.  I did see the re-signing of shannon brown which is very positive but not something that shocked me.  It was clear once teams continued to pass on Brown that he was coming back.  But anyway I was taking a look at the Lakers schedule and im going to give you the 5 that I think will be the most competitive and the most important for the Lakers during the regular season.  Having said that it is just the regular season but it doesn't mean we cant have some fun with it.  Feel free to throw your top 5 in there in your responses!

#5-  October 26th Vs Houston(Ring Night)-  The Lakers have been historically pretty poor on ring nights.  Lets hope that tide changes this season.  I will be very intrigued to see how the Lakers come out in this game.  Will that ring give them a feeling of accomplishment and will they lose focus??  Or will they come out and show us all their determination to 3-peat?  Even though im a bit pessemistic at times, I think the lakers come out focused in this one.  I think there will be a bit of a chip on the shoulder due to the Miami Heat Love around the league.

#4-  February 10th At Boston-  Ahhh, we all love rematches.  This will be the 2nd installment of the Lakers Vs. Celtic rematch for the upcoming season(the lakers play Boston first at staples in January.  I think the road game will be most important however because I believe championship teams need to win on the road and in hostile environments.  We all know the Lakers can do just that, I just think it will be more important for the Lakers to win in Boston rather than beating Boston in L.A. 

#3-  February 27th At Oklahoma City-  Why this game you ask?  Why not the Celtics here in January?  Simple, this Thunder team is a force to be reckoned with.  Kevin Durant will be a year better and a year more mature.  With the playoff experience they gained against the lakers last season all these games vs the thunder this year will be tough.  But this particular game is in OKC and its on national TV.  The Thunder will not be lacking confidence, thats for sure.  They were about 2 seconds and a Pau Gasol tip in away from sending the series against L.A to 7 games.  It will be a nice measuring stick not only for the Thunder but for the Lakers too.  Could this be a WCF preview?  Could be. 

#2-  March 10th At Miami-  The lakers will be in the middle of a grueling 4 game road trip with games against dallas, atlanta and san antonio and the heat.  If the Lakers can find a way to go into miami in the middle of that road trip and pull out a W it will be a huge confidence booster and a pretty tough loss for Miami to overcome. 

#1-  December 25th Vs Miami-  This ones a no-brainer I think.  Is there any game more anticipated and bigger and more important than this one??  Nationally televised on Christmas against the heat.  Last season the Lakers were humiliated by Cleveland on Christmas, lets hope that does not happen again.  I doubt Kobe lets the 3-stooges roll into L.A and upset the Lakers on Christmas.  Either way, this game is going to be one of the bigger regular season match ups in recent memory.

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Posted on: July 23, 2010 10:34 am

Lakers Quietly Get MUCH Better This Offseason...

With all the fanfare and pandemonium sorrounding the Miami Heat many fans have forgotten that the team in Los Angeles is still the defending champs.  Dont look now, but this team just got a whole lot better this offseason.  UH OH!!  Coming into the offseason a huge concern of mine was the bench.  We saw the bench blow several leads this past season forcing pau and kobe to come back into games that should have been over to finish them out.  We also saw Pau and Kobe KILL themselves in the postseason by playing huge minutes due to the Lack of Depth off the bench.  Well, that has all changed.  With just a couple strokes of the pen and the attraction of winning a title in hollywood the Lakers have added some great role players who have taken the Lakers bench from shallow to deep. 

First came the signing of Steve Blake.  Some Laker fans were not real happy with this signing.  I loved it.  Why?  Because Blake is exactly what the Lakers need in a back up PG.  Hes a solid 3 point shooter, hes a good passer and hes smart.  The problem I had with Farmar and the reason I was never big on him is because he simply is not a good floor general.  He made way too many risky passes in big moments that lead to crippling turnovers.  Jordan to me was more of an undersized SG than a true PG.  Anyway, I digress.  It looked as if the Lakers would have to move on from the offseason with Blake as the only signing after Raja Bell skipped a dinner meeting with Kobe to discuss coming to the Lakers.  But in a matter of hours on a Thursday night, that all changed.  The Lakers signed Matt Barnes and Theo Ratliff

I LOVE the signing of Barnes.  This guy is hard nosed, tough, a good defender and a quality 3 point shooter who will get plenty of open looks in the Laker offense.  He will be an instant fan favorite because of his hustle plays and his heart.  Barnes was very high on my wish list this offseason and im psyched that the Lakers got this guy.  Then the Lakers shored up their depth issues C and PF by signing Theo Ratliff.  Dont be fooled by this signing, its not some insignificant additon.  I think its a great one.  Theo is a quality shot blocker and rebounder and is a worker in the post.  He will prove to be important if Andrew is injured again.  Hes a definate upgrade over D.J.  The Lakers have wisely addressed their biggest need this postseason, they got a quality bench which is what this team had been lacking.  Lets compare the benches.

Last years bench:

Odom, Sasha, Farmar, Brown, D.J. Josh Powell

This years:

Odom, Blake, Barnes, Sasha, Ratliff, Brown(possibly).

Much better this year, so much for this blog being quiet!! Too much news to Discuss!!!  GO LAKERS!! RETURN OF THE BENCH MOB!!!
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CP3 to the Lakers?? Crazy...But Not THAT Crazy...

The Basketball world had an earthquake hit it today with the announcement that Chris Paul has expressed interest to the Hornets front office that he would like to be traded.  His main reasons for wanting to be traded is he feels like New Orleans is not building a championship contending team and winning a title is exactly what Paul wants.  Paul reports that there are three teams he wants to play for.  The Knicks, The Magic or The 2-time world champion L.A Lakers.  Alot of people have passed the idea of Chris Paul playing for the lakers as lunacy and crazy talk.  However crazy it may sound, its not as crazy as it may seem.  Lets review.

Much the way the lakers took Pau Gasol from memphis they can pull a similar deal for Paul.  New Orleans will want one thing, and one thing only.  Lots of cap room and maybe a good young player, say Andrew Bynum??  I know, I know Bynum is the Lakers future.  Bynum is a talented kid who can play at an All-Star Level.  The key word is can, he CAN play at an All-Star level.  Chris Paul DOES play at an All-Star level.  On top of that, the major question with Andrew is can the kid finally stay healthy??  Only time will tell, but if the hornets wanted bynum as part of the trade and they were willing to give you Chris Paul how do you not pull the trigger if your L.A??  You get rid of a kid thats loaded with talent and potential but also has a bad injury history for arguably the best PG in the game.  The Hornets would probably want sasha included in the trade to make salaries match and because thats a large contract coming off the books. 

Another player New Orleans may go for if the lakers balk at trading bynum would be Lamar Odom.  Odom and Sasha and Maybe another no name for Chris Paul IMHO is a no-brainer.  Odom is VERY VERY inconsistent and it seemed to me that last year he regressed a bit.  He may be showing some signs of decline in his game.  If the Hornets are willing to part with paul for odom, sasha and some other player on the lakers bench I say We pull the trigger.  Now you keep Bynum, you got Chris Paul to go with Kobe and Gasol.  Paul and Bynum would make a great tandem as the years would go on beyond kobe's retirement and even pau's.

Now, will all of this happen?? Probably not.  But its not as crazy as it sounds.  If the price is right, you may see CP3 in a purple and gold jersey next year.  Also, save the talk that chris paul isnt right for the triangle.  This is a top flight PG with a very high basketball IQ and a good outside shooter.  He will fit in just fine.  Also, if he has any issues fisher will be right there to help him out.  I would have no concerns with Paul learning the offense.  Again, if the Hornets want Bynum, Sasha and another bench player.  We should consider it and possibly do it.  Odom/Sasha and someone else.  No brainer.  Do it and do it quick.  IF they want odom and bynum forget it(which is what they will probably want)  This wouldnt just be a move for now, but a move for the future.

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 10:52 am

Bynum's Decision To Postpone Surgery is puzzling

Reports came out that the Lakers manchild Andrew Bynum is putting off surgery to repair a torn miniscus in his knee until the end of july.  I have to confess that im somewhat preplexed about this.  Andrew has a nasty habit of being VERY slow in recovery of injuries.  We all remember how long it took him to recover from his dislocated kneecap back in 2008.  Not only is his body slow to recover, but hes slow to get back into form as well.  He struggled in the 2009 playoffs and could not find his form and that was due to time off he took for a torn MCL in his knee.  Bynum has work to do on his game.  He improved alot over the offseason last year and while Gasol was hurt he was playing at an All-Star level.  The longer Drew puts off this operation is less time he has to not only recover, but get back into the swing of things, get back in shape and improve on his game.

Im sort of surprised that the lakers were not all over Bynum to get this thing done soon.  The Lakers have been able to win the past two titles without bynum contributing a bunch of minutes or points(this year he was hurt) but if the lakers are to meet Miami in the finals they will need Bynum.  The Lakers have a huge size advantage over  Miami and that will need to be the focal point of the offense.  I know what your going to say.  "But the finals are not until June".  The point is, when you go into a season still trying to recover from an injury or get back into the swing of things it can make it really hard to be productive.  Playing catch up all season can affect a player.  We dont need Bynum playing catch up.  We need him to be a beast in the middle.  Lets just hope this delay doesnt effect him much.

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Posted on: July 16, 2010 6:31 pm

Shannon Close to Re-Signing With The Champs!!

The player that has been dubbed the human pogo-stick is close to resigning with the 2 time defending champs!!  This is great news.  To be honest I was bummed out when Raja decided to skip out on kobe and joining up with the Lakeshow.  I was a big fan of bringing raja in.  But in the end he chose the money over the chance to win a ring which given his status in the league he took the best possible financial opportunity for him, guess you cant blame him there.  But in all honesty when I heard Shannon was coming back, all that disappointment vanished.  Im very happy to hear that shannon and the Lakers are close to a deal.  Details right now arent being released and its not official just yet but its looking like concrete.  Shannon brings youth to the Lakers and a spark off the bench that is sorely needed.  I personally love his momentum swinging dunks and hes actually an underrated shooter. 

Great to have ya with the Purple and Gold, Shannon.  Keep working hard kid.  I think this is a big re-signing.  Shannon is happy with his role and knows his role well.  He is also still young at 24 which means he can get much much better.  Look forward to seeing you back, Mr. Brown.  What can Brown do for you?  Help you 3-peat!  Im excited to get this guy back.  Good job, Mitch.

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 10:07 am

It's Bynum's Time

The Miami Heat have been the talk of the town.  They have signed LeBron, Wade and Bosh.  No easy task.  Many people are predicting them to dethrone the L.A Lakers for the NBA crown in this upcoming season.  There is one player aside from Kobe who can prevent that from happening.  Andrew Bynum

Pau and Artest are going to be busy on the defensive end slowing Chris Bosh and Lebron.  Andrew has to be the force we as Laker fans know he can be.  This kid is incredibly talented.  Dont let his injury history fool you.

Last season when Pau Gasol was hurt he was scoring 21PPG and grabbing 11 reb.  He can dominate the inside.  He just needs to stay healthy.  I believe he will this season.  When it comes time for the finals, if its Miami and L.A.  It will be Bynum's time to prove what hes made of to the basketball world.  This kid is special, hopefully he shows it more than ever this season.  Bynum will be the key to that series if it comes to fruition.  I think the kid will be ready.  He impressed me and many others with this ability to play through the pain against Boston this season. 

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